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adult and sexy blue film - Swinging. Kinky certified! Sweet young flesh makes you so excited and is so hard to resist. Our covergirl Sammie has everything you can imagine. She has a beautiful face, big Double D tits and a round juicy butt - add to that a nasty sex drive and she has it all! Candace is another sneaky little thing with big breasts and a snap-back pussy, tight enough to hold you ransom! Plus so many more cute tramps on a mission to turn you out!

Outraged, Jyunichi has come up with a devious plan to take over the hospital: subjugate one hot staff nurse after another. And there are so many ravishing nurses at Misono General - the stunning Yayoi, the magnificent Miyuki, the shapely Nanami, the alluring Aya. Jyunichi will turn every one of these luscious ladies into his willing and eager sex slaves... because controlling the hospital will be easy when the whole female staff will do anything for one more chance at his body!

Awesome! Just as brutal and violent a beating through the use of wrestling holds, scissors and face sitting as has ever been witnessed at the club. Beginning with hard wrestling, the powerful, skilled and always mean Cheeta wears her opponent down through the use of painful holds such as wrist-locks, arm bars, combination grape vine and headlock, hammer lock, and full nelsons. Her strong legs entrap him in a series of excruciatingly painful head scissors which really enable her to dominate and enjoy her victory. She delights in forcing the beaten male to say things he doesn't want to and then proceeds to apply a fearful face sitting. A dynamite video and a must see for all fan of mixed wrestling who will be impressed with all of her skills, her incredible dominance and mean streak.

The girls are back in town and they`ve brought all of their nasty toys again. They know how to get each other off and fill the hot spots. Real lust, real lesbian hotties and real orgasms make this a can`t miss feature.

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